King of the Hill

The King of the Hill was GFS's first revolutionary trainer developed to aid baseball pitchers to maximize velocity through the lower half of the body.

Queen of the Hill

As soon as it was released, the Queen of the Hill flooded the softball market teaching and challenging pitchers to utilize leg drive in a matter of minutes.

King of the Swing

Similar to the other trainers, the King of the Swing focuses on driving power through the legs to the contact of the ball, but for hitting!

We are PROUD of the dirt we kick up.

Developing velocity in both pitching and hitting is an ongoing debate for years. For us here at Ground Force Sports, there is no debate...the Ground Force Sports Trainers are the most powerful tools available coaches and players can use to increase velocity and bat speed safely, quickly, and efficiently. Yes, that sounds pretty confident...but why do we stand behind this statement? Our theory is backed by science...and quite a bit of proof. Our products are used by 24 MLB clubs, countless high level coaches and players, and have proven results in every level of player from beginner to professional. The science is simple: the Ground Force Sports Trainers train the body to develop power from the legs (the strongest muscles), transfer the power into the hips, through the core, into and out of the arms. By utilizing ground force and leg drive, players create higher velocity and bat speed. We pride ourselves on deliver the best products on the market. We are pleased to hear the reviews around the globe calling the Ground Force Sports Trainers the best hitting and pitching tools ever made. Don't take our word for it get one yourself and use what the pros use.

Teaches Engagement of Lower half

Using the lower half to power the body is a necessity for pitchers and hitters. When the lower half is engaged, higher velocities and bat speeds follow. The Ground Force Sports Trainers teach the feel of utilizing the lower half so players are able to translate to game settings.

Any age, any level of player

From beginners to professionals, there is no age or ability limit on the Ground Force Sports Trainers. Beginners will use the Trainers to learn proper mechanics and the engagement of the lower half, while more advanced players who have mastered these skills will challenge their abilities with a higher compression level.

Instant, Audible Feedback

The hardest part of coaching pitching and hitting is being able to tell if the lower half is engaged. With the Ground Force Sports Trainers there is no question of whether the lower half is used or if ground force is created with the instant audible feedback with each use.

Challenges to improve

One of the most asked questions we receive is "How do the trainers increase velocity and bat speed?" Once proper mechanics are accomplished and the lower half is engaged, players will challenge their abilities by increasing the compression force required to accomplish the goal of sounding the trainer.

Aids in efficient mechanics

Proper mechanics and a directional force towards home plate and/or the pitcher is key in efficiency and ability of play for pitchers and hitters, but the hardest element to coach. Once players are able to feel how to properly activate their body, improvement follows effortlessly.

Keeps players healthy

Every player has a threshold of the number of pitches or hits they can preform in a certain time frame. The goal of each player is to be consistent in performance to ensure health and longevity. Utilizing the lower half to power the pitching and hitting sequence takes stress off of the upper half where the majority of pitching and hitting injuries occur.